How The Video Game Theory Changed My Life

Assalamu Alaikum sisters,

Recently, I came across a life-changing analogy from the inspirational Muslimah, @Saufiyvh (do check her out, she is truly one of those who pushes Muslimahs to be the best versions of themselves). Below, I am going to paste what she says about life simply being like a video game for us Muslims, and a deeper takeaway for each reference, and how I am viewing things more differently!

“Life is a game:

• Satan: the enemy

• Hellfire: game over

• Prayer: health potion

• The world: your level

• Your soul: the character

• Sins: obstacles to avoid

• Good deeds: power-ups

• Qur’an and Sunnah: the guides

• Money: in-game currency (use wisely)

• Jannah: ultimate victory”

– @saufiyvh

Satan: The Enemy

Satan is like that ever-persistent villain in the game, always trying to lead me astray. Understanding him as an enemy who wants me to lose helps me stay vigilant. I now see every negative whisper and temptation as part of his strategy. This perspective makes it easier to resist his traps and stay focused on my goals. Knowing the enemy’s tactics is crucial in any game, and recognizing Satan’s methods equips me to counteract them with Audhubillah Minash Shaitan Rajeem, prayer, and good deeds.

Prayer: The Health Potion

Prayer, likened to a health potion, rejuvenates my soul and strengthens my resolve. Every time I pray, I feel a sense of renewal, as if I’ve just taken a vital potion that boosts my spiritual energy. It reminds me that prayer is not just a duty but a powerful source of strength and healing. Anytime I feel down these days, I try to make salah like a mini mental health session, throwing away the worries of the world when I rise up my hands to say “Allah Akbar” and then ready to conquer again one I finish, coming out strong. And truly, when you put your mind to doing it that way, you feel that difference in your mind.

The World: My Level

Viewing the world as my level, filled with daily challenges and opportunities, shifts my perspective on life’s difficulties. Each day presents a new level with its own set of trials to overcome, making the Dunya more of an adventurous journey rather than a series of burdens. This mindset encourages me to face each day with a sense of purpose and determination. Each level, a stage in my life, teaches me something new, helps me grow, and prepares me for the next.

My Soul: The Character

Seeing my soul as the character I must nurture and grow brings a profound sense of responsibility. Just like in a game where you care for your character, by getting the health bar to 100%, making sure they eat and drink, giving it new outfits, I’m reminded to take care of my soul, feeding it with good deeds, knowledge, and constant remembrance of Allah. Making my soul stronger every time is the best way to win the game.

Sins: Obstacles to Avoid

Sins, as obstacles, hinder my progress and weaken my soul. This analogy makes it clear that avoiding sins is essential for my spiritual advancement. It encourages me to be more mindful of my actions, knowing that every sin is an obstacle I need to overcome in my own life to move forward. Like traps and pitfalls in a game, I must navigate the Dunya carefully, steering clear of actions that distance me from Allah. Seeking forgiveness and making amends for past mistakes help me clear these obstacles and continue my journey with a lighter heart and renewed focus.

Good Deeds: Power-Ups

Good deeds are my power-ups, boosting my spirit and bringing me closer to victory. Every small act of kindness, every moment of charity, and every good deed feels like collecting a power-up that strengthens my faith. These power-ups not only enhance my spiritual strength but also positively impact those around me. Engaging in good deeds, whether big or small, creates a ripple effect of goodness, making the world a better place and paving my path towards Jannah. A power-up in a video game is usually visualized as this other-wordly experience that allows you to do cool new things and makes you more powerful. I like to think good deeds are meant to transform us little by little, and make us more aware of the bliss that comes from becoming the highest version of ourselves <3

Qur’an and Sunnah: The Guides

The Qur’an and Sunnah are the ultimate guides, providing the strategies and directions needed to succeed. Just as a gamer relies on guides to navigate through levels, I rely on the Qur’an and Sunnah to guide me through life’s complexities. They offer wisdom, comfort, and the best paths to follow. These guides are comprehensive manuals for every aspect of life, helping me make informed decisions, find solutions to problems, and stay on the straight path. Regularly studying and reflecting on these Divine texts as much as I try to ensures I am well-equipped to handle any challenge and make the right choices.

Money: In-Game Currency

You know those players who waste their virtual coins on dumb things or worse, they get hit and lose all of their coins? That’s how we should view our finances in this Dunya. Viewing money as in-game currency emphasizes its role as a tool rather than a goal. It should be used wisely to enhance my journey, not distract me from it. This perspective helps me maintain a balanced approach to wealth, ensuring it serves my spiritual goals rather than hindering them, and making sure I’m not wasting it on pointless things and giving back when I have the means to.

Hellfire: Game Over

As always, the Hellfire as game over is a stark reminder of the ultimate consequence of failure. It reinforces the seriousness of my actions and decisions, urging me to stay on the right path and avoid behaviors that could lead to such an end. May Allah save us all from the Hellfire.

Jannah: Ultimate Victory

Jannah, the ultimate victory, is the reward for those who successfully navigate the game of life. This analogy instills hope and motivation, reminding me that every effort, every struggle, and every sacrifice is worth it for the ultimate reward that awaits. It gives me a sense of purpose, encouraging me to persevere through hardships with the knowledge that a beautiful reward is at the end of the journey. Just as a player feels elation upon winning a game, the joy of attaining Jannah is beyond measure. This goal keeps me focused, driven, and optimistic, knowing that with Allah’s Guidance, I can achieve the ultimate victory.

I love, love this new perspective! And I’m hoping by sharing this with you all that you’ll be inspired too – to know that this Dunya has the opportunity to give you the power to take control of your Deen, to overcome, and to reach the ultimate triumph. Embrace each day as a new level, use your prayers as health potions, gather good deeds as power-ups, and always follow the guidance of the Qur’an and Sunnah. Let’s all strive to play this game of life with faith, purpose, and perseverance, so that we can all achieve Jannatul-Firdaus. Ameen!

With love and sisterhood,

Her Deen & Dunya

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