The Beauty of a Muslimah

Mouthwatering Breakfast on Pink Satin Fabric

The scent of oud, rose, and a touch of saffron. Fajr prayer with a soft prayer mat. Chilled rosewater lemonade. Shopping sprees at modest fashion boutiques. Fresh Peonies. Warm baths with Jasmine bubble bath. Henna-stained hands and soft kohl-lined eyes. Quran recitations playing softly in the background. Pomegranate Lip Sleeping Mask. Pearl white silk hijab. Embellished prayer beads from Istanbul. Pistachio and Cardamom Macaroons. Raspberry ice cream. Islamic art coffee table book. Rose Gold prayer mat. Delicate silver jewelry. Soft pastel abayas. Velvet slippers. Vanilla body wash. Sipping Moroccan mint tea. making heartfelt du’as to Allah. Attar of roses. and a rose quartz tasbih.

Browsing modest fashion inspirations. Wrapped in a soft, plush prayer robe. Herbal face mask in serene silence. Gold and pearl earrings from Florence. A charming brunch with sisters, featuring rose petal jam and croissants. A light, breezy chiffon scarf fluttering in the wind. The soft glow of fairy lights in your bedroom. Buying yourself nourishing hair masks. Jewelled hair brushes and combs. Studying the women of Islam. Freshly picked wildflowers in a mason jar. The joy of discovering a new blog or magazine about the good, pure things you love. A light spritz of vanilla and jasmine body mist.

The feel of silk pajamas on a relaxing evening. white chocolate sweet cream cold foam. shimmer body cream with a touch of musk. the soft glow of a crescent moon pendant. Islam always as a reminder of faith and hope. a quiet afternoon spent listening to a lecture on Islamic history. the aroma of chocolate chip cookies baking in the oven, filling the kitchen with sweetness. matcha lattes. writing endlessly in your journal. fresh sugar radiant mask. massaging pink grapefruit-scented cuticle oil onto your nails.

Perfume infused with gold flakes, a jade roller to rejuvenate your skin, taking walks after Dhur where you see a shower of petals blowing in the breeze. sunlight dapples down in your room, like flicks of paint. falling in love with your spiritual morning routines. working on your goals and dreams, detaching from all that distracts you. The glint of a crystal making a rainbow when it hits the light.

The pure joy of being enveloped in a world of softness and beauty, reflecting the grace and elegance of a Muslimah. Embracing the beauty of each moment. Each day becomes a masterpiece, painted stroke by stroke with love, purpose, and the sparkling essence of your soul.

With love and sisterhood,

Her Deen & Dunya

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