How to Tap into your Feminine Energy as a Muslim Woman – Part 1

Assalamu’Alikum sisters! As Muslim women, we’ve long struggled with the concept of being feminine or girly because we think that Islam does not really touch upon that subject. Or, we think femininity is all about wearing makeup, frilly pink dresses, high heels, and heavy perfumes. But did you know that our religion has so many principles that already align with femininity for women? Let’s get into it!

Study the Women of Islam

The lives of revered figures such as Khadijah, Aisha, and Fatimah for example (May Allah be pleased with them) offer invaluable insights into the embodiment of feminine virtues within an Islamic framework. Unlike men, they could not rely on the their brute strength or masculine power to overcome the hardships of their lives. These women displayed resilience, intelligence, compassion, and dedication to their faith, serving as inspiring role models for contemporary Muslim women. Aisha, for example, used her intelligence to educate young scholars (many who were men!) about hadiths and Islamic principles. Khadijah was the ideal Muslimah, and always kept her faith in Allah strong. When I study them, my feminine energy becomes enhanced, because simply through their spirituality and commitment to help spread the word of Islam did they become the most revered women of our nation. By delving into their stories, you can glean wisdom and strength to navigate the complexities of modern life while staying true to your feminine identity.

Be More Nurturing to Yourself

As a Muslim woman, taking care of your physical, mental, and emotional well-being is a form of self-respect. Dedicate time to nourish your soul through acts of worship, engage in activities that bring you joy, and surround yourself with positive influences. Recognize the importance of self-love and self-compassion, for by nurturing yourself, you cultivate the strength and grace needed to fulfill your roles with genuine authenticity.

Speak Softly

The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is described as having a gentle and soft-spoken manner. Following this example, speaking softly reflects the elegance of Islamic femininity. Generally, Muslim women (in front of non-mahrams) should always act in a manner that is serious and demands respect. Soft speech is a powerful tool, capable of conveying sincerity, empathy, and kindness. Engage in conversations with a soft tone, avoiding harsh words or unnecessary arguments. By embracing a soft-spoken tone, you contribute to a more harmonious and compassionate environment, embodying the gentle strength that defines feminine qualities in Islam.

Master the Essence of Modesty

Modesty is a cornerstone of Islamic femininity, encompassing not only outward appearance but also inward humility and dignified conduct. Adhering to the principles of hijab and dressing modestly is an external manifestation of this virtue. However, true modesty extends beyond clothing, encompassing how you carry yourself, interact with others, and approach life’s challenges. Mastering the essence of modesty involves cultivating a humble heart, practicing gratitude, and recognizing that true beauty lies in a balance between inner and outer modesty. By embodying this virtue, you enhance the grace and dignity inherent in your feminine identity.

Guard your Heart

Embracing the essence of femininity involves delicately taking care of your emotions in a gentle way. It means being thoughtful about the feelings you allow into your life and protecting yourself from harmful influences. Why do you think Allah tells us certain things are Haram? Or warning us to stay away from people who don’t respect us? This practice is like an art where your thoughts and actions align with your values. Finding the right balance between being open and protecting yourself becomes a harmony of strength and softness, a natural rhythm that goes along with your instincts as a Muslim woman. In the world of femininity, guarding your heart is like celebrating your inner self—a space where your beliefs, values, and your strong spirit as a Muslim woman come together in a beautiful and empowering way.

Recognize Your Worth

You are a Creation of Allah, and you need to start acting and seeing yourself that way. You inherently deserve respect, honor, and kindness. Recognizing one’s worth as a Muslim woman, while embracing the essence of femininity, involves cultivating a profound sense of self-value deeply rooted in faith and the distinctive qualities associated with womanhood. With femininity, recognizing your worth extends beyond societal expectations, celebrating the unique blend of strength and grace found in qualities like compassion, nurturing, and resilience – just like in Islam. It also involves appreciating the significance of your roles within the family, community, and society, seeing the positive impact that your contributions have. Watch my video on the blessed roles of Muslim women here to better understand. Even understanding the rights that Islam grants you is what will make you fall in love with yourself and appreciate Allah for how much He values our gender. Empowered by faith, recognizing your worth involves seeking knowledge, pursuing personal development, and actively participating in activities that align with Islamic values.

And that concludes PART 1 of Tapping into your Feminine Energy as a Muslim! Part 2 will dive into more tips about femininity and will also insights on how to incorporate these principles into your daily life as a Muslim woman! Thank you guys so much for reading and please leave a comment on what you thought about this topic!

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