Dhul Hijjah and Me: How to embrace the 10 Blessed Days

Assalmu’Alaikum sisters. Dhul Hijjah is upon us and we are all excited for the day of Arafat and Eid-ul-Adha. This is the time where deeds done during the day are the most blessed they will ever be out of the entire Islamic year…filled with immense blessings and opportunities for us to draw closer to Allah (SWT).

But, to be honest, I find these days to be the hardest for me to fully engage in spiritually. With the demands of everyday life, balancing work, family responsibilities, and personal struggles, it can be challenging to maintain the focus and energy required to maximize these blessed days.

Also, I have this daily habit where I do all of my ibadah in the morning and then in the evening – usually there is no in between. So once the morning ends and it’s the afternoon, I feel like there is “nothing else for me to do”. It had been like this for a long time every Dhul Hijjah.

Until I realized recently while listening to Mufti Menk, that, this is another opportunity to make a comeback in my life

This “emptiness” in my afternoons, feeling like there is nothing more I can do for Allah, became this wake-up call on how exactly this “free-time” is serving me. When I feel as if “I have nothing else to do”, did that really contribute to my spiritual (and future) growth? And the answer to me, was “No!”

Dhul Hijjah is actually a precious opportunity for all of us to really look into our days, and see if we actually use them as a means to be the best Muslims we can be. And when we start taking advantage of these days, we start seeing the blessings that come from making for Allah in our busy days.

Basically, Dhul Hijjah is a trial run on how I can be the best version of myself, everyday, that will carry on after Eid-al-Adha.

Now, I am taking the time out in my afternoons to study Quran tafsir, reciting more dhikr, monitoring the type of things I see online (remember, sins can multiplied during these days!), working really hard on my ventures, and overall trying to create a future for myself that I would love. That would get me out of the bed each morning, anticipating the lovely things yet to happen.

And I’m using the ibadah method as an extra bonus. Like taking a walk outside will instead be “Oh Allah! I am going outside to move the body you have given me, appreciate the nature around me, and use it as a moment of peace for me!”. (While getting a cute drink in the way back of course)

To all my fellow Muslim sisters, Dhul Hijjah is here for you to make the GREATEST comeback of your life. There is still time left, make the most of it and really analyze where you want to improve in your life, deen and dunya. And carry on those new habits with you long after you have celebrated Eid 🧡 

With love and sisterhood,

Her Deen & Dunya

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