A Successful Vision Board for Manifestation: Illuminate Your Journey with the Power of Visualization

Assalamu’Alaikum sisters. Vision boards are the latest craze for 2024 – the key to manifesting your goals and dreams. But hold on, aren’t vision boards the same as mood boards? With their pretty college of aesthetic pictures? Not exactly….

Mood Board vs Vision Board Explained

Mood Board: The primary purpose of a mood board is to capture and convey the overall aesthetic, mood, or atmosphere for a particular project, design, or concept. A love letter to a specific vibe, It focuses on visual elements such as colors, textures, patterns, and styles.

Vision Board: A vision board, on the other hand, is more goal-oriented. It is a visual representation of one’s goals, aspirations, and desires. It may include images and words that represent personal, professional, or lifestyle goals

Did you know that making a Vision Board is actually Islamic? Yes!

That’s because you are setting an intention. Islam emphasizes the importance of setting clear intentions (niyyah) before engaging in any action. Creating a vision board can serve as a tool to help individuals clarify their goals and intentions, aligning them with their values and beliefs. And if alot of your goals are islamic (as they should be!) then you are further proving to Allah your efforts to become a better Muslim, which = more rewards!

Visualization is also used in the Quran. Don’t believe me? Open the Quran and see the verses of Jannah peppered all throughout it. And they are so detailed that you can just picture it, and it makes you crave Jannah (obviously, what we are imaging will be even better). But think, why would Allah give us a sneak peek into Jannah? To see the goal a bit more clearly. When you think about Jannah, think about the gold, and shimmer, you automatically want to do whatever you can that day to get there. You want to go pray, do some extra dhikr, drop in some sadaqah, because you see it so clearly that you can almost reach it. That;s exactly what vision boards are meant to do – they make your goals so clear that you can almost touch them and make you want to reach for them.

So how to make a vision board that actually works?

– Pick photos that make you feel a certain way

seek those that awaken the depths of your soul – the ones that elicit emotions so profound that your heart reverberates with joy or races with anticipation. Opt for images that resonate with the essence of your aspirations, creating a spiritual connection with your deepest desires. Whether it’s a portrayal of a tranquil sunset over a pristine beach or an illustration reflecting the spirit of your dream career, let each photo be a visual hymn to the callings of your soul. How to make a vision board online is super easy too: just go on Pinterest, download all the pictures, upload those onto Canva, and start making it!

– forget about aesthetics

I’ve shown you my vision board, but that doesn’t mean yours has to look like mine! Getting the perfect aesthetic is not the aim here. Your vision board is a living testimony of your journey, not a staged photoshoot. Don’t stress too much on finding the best magazines for vision boards – they don’t need to be pretty, the just have to be truthful to what YOU want. Allow colors to clash and styles to intermingle, for the true beauty lies in the authenticity of your dreams. The allure is found in the raw, unfiltered representation that makes it uniquely yours.

– you can change it!

Here’s the profound truth – your vision board isn’t etched in stone. It’s a dynamic reflection of your evolving journey. Embrace the power to alter it whenever the spirit moves you, as your path is a continuous dance of growth. Your vision board is your visual journal, and, just like real life, it’s designed to be a masterpiece in progress.

– quotes, affirmations, verses

Sprinkle your vision board with empowering Quranic verses, affirmations, quotes, or prophetic guidance that aligns with your spiritual aspirations. Let each word serve as a beacon, guiding you through the challenges of your journey. Your vision board then becomes a source of strength. Infuse it with the magic of uplifting words, and let the light of faith radiate from every corner of your board. You’re not alone on this journey; Allah is with you, guiding each step. 🌙✨ 

And there you have it. Craft your board authentically, embracing change, and infuse it with empowerment. Your vision board is your spiritual GPS, guiding each step towards success. 🌈💖

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  1. Subhanallah I love this beautiful sister I’m so axcited to make my own vision that will inshallah be my motivation that I need to do more that will please Allah♥︎
    ( by the way love your channel sister keep on grinding) much love from your beloved muslimah sister ♥︎

    1. JazakAllah sister! I’m so glad that you’ll be making a vision board for yourself, it really does make a difference! It’s because of sisters like you that I keep going ♥︎.
      Stay tuned for the next video, (which is all about mastering detachment), and for more blog posts!
      XXX – Her Deen & Dunya

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